Introducing AirTite

After years of wasting countless tubes of caulk, sealants, and adhesives, our innovative team came up with a simple and durable solution. AirTite seals opened product tubes so you can reuse caulk, sealants, and adhesives until the last drop. No need for ten penny nails or plastic bags, with AirTite just finish the project and drop it in. Don’t bother with the mess. Save time and money.

Job done. Screw it!

Seals & Preserves opened caulking tubes.

  • Caulks
  • Adhesives
  • Roofing Tar
  • Sealants
  • Grouts & More!

Patented Technology

Prevents opened products out gassing from both top and bottom.

Extends the Life

Helps opened products last longer than any other solution

Prevents Messes

No more ruined car seats, rugs, or tools

Tool Bag Tough

Won’t crack or break if dropped

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